5 Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Shopfitter Before Starting a Fitout Project

30 May 2022

Commercial buildings are meant to house retail establishments that offer a wide variety of products and services to customers. Aside from retail spaces, these buildings can also cater to offices that require employees to conduct revenue-generating activities.

The presence of ample spaces inside these buildings may already be enough for these businesses to be successful. However, they still require a commercial fitout before these spaces can be successful.

A commercial fitout, after all, can increase productivity, improve space management, utilise modern technology, and streamline company culture. This type of service requires a reliable and reputable commercial shopfitter. So, if you want to hire the best shopfitter for your fitout project, you must ask the following important questions to them first.

  1. How long have you been in the shopfitting business?

The quality of a fitout project primarily depends on the experience of the commercial shopfitter. If you have picked several shopfitters for your project, you must ask them about their years of experience in conducting such work. A shopfitter with lengthy experience can normally yield better output than those that are new in the industry.

  1. What types of projects have you already worked on?

Somehow related to the first question, knowing the types of projects that a shopfitter has carried out can help you gauge their expertise in fitout-related activities. Asking about their past projects can help you understand the scope of their services as well as the designs they can provide. Once their services and designs match your fitout requirements, you may want to already put them on top of your list.

  1. Do you have the necessary permits and insurance?

Despite the expertise of a commercial shopfitter in the field, they must still secure all the necessary insurances to provide assurance and safety. They must also conduct projects legally. Hence, you must ask them for their permits and licenses. Failure to provide these things may mean that they conduct their services unlawfully. They may not even follow the standards set by the state and governing bodies.

  1. Can you give me an estimated timeline for my project?

Shopfitters must give an estimated timeline of a project so that you can verify if their given schedule can work with your projected business plan. After all, your business operations may be slightly affected during the project. Asking them about their estimated project timeline can give you an idea about the speed of their service. You do not want to go for one that takes too long just to complete a simple fitout.

  1. How will you provide updates about the project?

Communication is key when it comes to commercial shopfitting projects, which is why you must ensure that your hired shopfitter will keep you informed about the progress of your project. Knowing how they could communicate with you can somehow provide you with a way to know everything that is happening to your project. Urgent updates can also help you know any instances of delays or difficulties onsite.

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