Utilising Green Designs in Commercial Fitout with Sydney Shopfitters

17 May 2023

Green design is an emerging trend in commercial fitout. It’s a way of thinking about and designing more sustainable and eco-friendly spaces for the environment and you as a business owner. Green design can help you save money on energy bills by reducing your carbon footprint, making your space more comfortable for staff and customers, and attracting more people to visit your store or office.

Sydney Shopfitters and Green Design

Sydney Shopfitters is a commercial fitout specialist team specialising in green design. We have been helping businesses create beautiful, sustainable spaces for over 20 years. The benefits of using green designs in your commercial fitout include:

• Increased productivity and lower absenteeism due to better air quality

• Reduced energy costs from improved thermal comfort and reduced electricity usage

• Improved employee morale through healthier working environments

The Benefits of Green Design

Green design is a method of construction that aims to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment. Green building practices can be applied at all stages of a building’s life cycle, from initial site selection and planning through design, construction and operation. Green design fitout benefits include:

• Reduced energy costs due to better insulation and lighting systems.

• Improved air quality as no VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are released into the atmosphere during fitout processes such as painting or glazing windows etc.

• Increased productivity because employees are healthier when they work in an environment with good air quality.

• Improved sustainability by reducing waste sent to landfill sites using recycled materials in your new fitout project.

Types of Green Design

Green design is a term used to describe the use of sustainable practices in the design and construction of buildings. Green designs can be achieved through passive solar design, natural ventilation, green walls, daylighting, energy-efficient lighting and water conservation.

Green Design in Practice

Green design is a growing trend in commercial fitouts. It’s important to note that green design doesn’t necessarily mean “eco-friendly” or “organic”. The green design includes incorporating sustainable practices into your project, such as using recycled materials and low-impact finishes. Here are some examples of how you can implement green designs:

• Use reclaimed timber from old buildings for workbenches and shelving. This saves trees and gives each piece of furniture an individual look that makes it unique from other pieces in your office space.

• Use LED bulbs for lighting fixtures that last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use less energy than fluorescent lights. They’re also available in different colours, so you can match them with any décor scheme you want – modern or classic.

The Future of Green Design

The future of green design is bright. As more companies realise the benefits of sustainable practices, we’ll see an increase in green-friendly products and processes. You can use green building materials to create more efficient buildings, which means lower energy costs for businesses and better working environments for employees.

Green design is an important part of any commercial fitout, and Sydney Shopfitters can help you to achieve it. Our concept-to-completion fitout services will provide you with all your fitout needs. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your next project.

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