Type of Materials to Consider When Installing an Office Partition

08 September 2022

Office partitions have grown in popularity in businesses worldwide over the past few years and have become a prominent trend in the office fitout and design sector.

Office partitions are the quickest, simplest, and most economical solution to make a workspace more productive. Office partitions are available in various sizes and can be either temporary or permanent. Think of office partitions as constructing a temporary wall that isn’t a wall, which wouldn’t create any more mess or noise than a solid construction would.

Depending on the look and finish you want, they come in various types, from glass walls to wood and timber partitions.

Wooden Partitions

Wood or timber walls are ideal for any office setting and may be utilised to give the space a more classic appearance while adding warmth and elegance. Since they effortlessly blend into the decor of any business and impart a natural feeling, they have long been a favourite in the office fitout and design sector. Many styles, trimmings, and finishes are available in solid wood and engineered MDF.

Several wood selections are available for your workplace design, including oak, maple, and cherry, to coordinate with your d├ęcor. The beautiful thing about these walls is that they also serve other purposes outside just dividing up space in addition to giving a workspace a distinctive look and feel. Therefore, wooden partition walls may be the best option for your office to provide a feeling of drama and aesthetic appeal without sacrificing functionality.

Glass Partitions

The most common option for companies and organisations is undoubtedly this kind of office partition. Glass partition walls give a sleek, contemporary appearance and a tidy, bright vibe. Beyond just being functional, this contemporary aesthetic offers advantages. Making the most of natural lighting is one of the main advantages of glass partitions. Nobody wants to work in a gloomy, dark workplace, but adding more glazing can make your office area lighter and livelier. It’s a good idea to introduce as much natural lighting as possible because artificial lighting can only do so much for a small space. This boosts staff morale while encouraging health and happiness, and the increased vitamin D levels may help reduce employee absences. Your company will save money as a result, and the savings don’t stop there because there won’t be as much demand for artificial light, resulting in cheaper energy costs.

Glass partitioning systems might include solid aluminium frames or frameless full-height windows for a polished appearance. In NSW, ACT, and QLD, Sydney Shopfitters Pty Ltd designed, made, and fitted a wide range of glass partitions, some with distinctive looks and patterns and others with curved curves for a refined appearance.

Aluminium Partitions

For many office fitouts, aluminium partition walls are a practical option even though they lack the warmth of wood or the aesthetic appeal of glass. These walls are frequently the most economical alternative for office partitioning, so if money is limited, this can be the ideal choice for your company. If you want to maximise natural light, aluminium partition walls come in solid components with the option of part or double glazing.

The beautiful thing about aluminium partitions is the range of finishes and styles available. They are especially well-liked when combined with integral blinds in the interior to create a sleek and attractive alternative to conventional window blinds with great practicality and purpose to increase seclusion. Due to its special qualities, aluminium is a preferred material for interior building. It is a very strong, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant, and light metal. The walls of this sort of partition can be exceedingly thin due to their great tensile strength, which means that they will take up much less space than their glass or wooden counterpart. If your office layout changes, aluminium partition walls are very simple to demount and move and take little time to build. They are a flexible option, regardless of the workspace.

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