Create an Agile Workspace with Experts from Sydney Shopfitters

28 March 2023

Employees with more freedom to move around and choose where, when, and how they work can accomplish more in an agile workspace. Office layout, furnishings, and technology must all work together to provide sufficient resources and a flexible workplace that fosters creativity, motivation, and productivity for this modern concept to succeed. In this post, our Sydney expert shopfitters will share tips on creating an agile workspace that works best for you and your company.

Consider Switching to an Open Floor Plan

With an environment that allows for the necessary flexibility, this form of mobile working would be easier to implement. The best solution to open up the area and eliminate the constraints that come with a standard structured workstation is to switch to an open-plan office.

Provide a Different Range of Workspaces

The term “agile working” has gained popularity in the business world, but to make it more than simply a fad, you must ensure that the necessary infrastructure and tools are in place. This includes providing a wide range of workspaces, from communal and collaborative spaces to private, focused locations equally important for mobility and efficiency.

Incorporate Modular and Ergonomic Furniture

Designing an agile workspace requires using the proper office furniture. We advise incorporating a lot of modular furniture that can be readily moved or reconfigured within the room depending on task needs. We also advise choosing ergonomic office furniture to complement these new working postures and ways of positioning yourself that have developed due to interacting with more varied types of technology.

Swap Dedicated Desks for Hot Desks

Now is the perfect time to reassess your workspace organisation and consider swapping some assigned workstations for a hot desking environment because the days of dedicated desks and static work are over. This means that while remote workers are there, they may work effectively and seamlessly integrate into the workplace, but when they are not, there is no permanent furniture taking up space that you could use more effectively.

Expand the Adaptability of Technology

Data connectivity and powering up used to be an anchor to the workstation, but those days are long gone. Technology is now much more flexible thanks to innovations like power-integrated furniture and adaptable information-sharing platforms. You need technology that is equally agile as people and work styles.

Don’t Forget Your Office Acoustics

Noise levels have dramatically increased due to open-plan offices, greater cooperation, and the freedom to move more freely within the workspace. Consider using acoustic noise-controlling strategies to ensure this does not adversely affect worker wellness or attention levels. Doing this will make it possible to work together and have spontaneous meetings without disturbing those who require peace and quiet to focus on the subject at hand. As we just discussed, focused work is just as crucial as cooperation while designing an agile workspace.

Are you interested in trying an agile workspace for your company? Sydney Shopfitters Pty Ltd is a well-established shopfitting company specialising in retail business fitouts with over 20 years of experience in the building and shopfitting industry. We can help you create and achieve an effective agile workspace using the highest quality shopfitting services. Contact us for your shopfitting needs today!

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